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What is an Emergency and What do I do?!

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What Is a Condo Emergency?

Some residents have expressed confusion over the proper way to address concerns after business hours.  Dickenson Condo Management’s office is open from 8:30a.m.-4:30 p.m. for all issues pertaining to your unit, parking, payment of fees, etc.  Outside of these hours, if you have an emergency, please call the office number and get the emergency phone number.

Emergencies include fire, flood, electrical outage and imminent danger to the common elements.  Please make sure you are calling from a safe place.  If you are calling about a fire or theft, please call 9-1-1 first and then report it to us.  Emails are not answered on weekends or outside of business hours, so telephone is the only way to contact emergency response.

What Happens When I Have an Emergency?

Normally, items requested of the Corporation require Board approval.  You’ve likely experienced a wait associated with this.   During an emergency, however, the Corporation is required to mitigate damages, meaning Dickenson Condo Management has authority to send someone right away.

Once you call the emergency phone line, you will be asked to leave a message with as much detail as possible and a return phone number.  The message is picked up right away and your phone call returned.  The employee on emergency response will get more details, if necessary and then advise you of the next steps.  If the emergency requires immediate intervention from a contractor, one will be called and you will be advised who will be visiting your unit.

Emergency, after-hours calls result in mitigation (blower fans, dehumidifiers, removal of water, etc) and not necessarily the repairs (drywall, flooring reinstallation, etc).  Our goal is to stop further damages from happening and once that is resolved, we can begin the repairs required.

If the damages are in an area that is upgraded, you will want to put your insurance company on notice that you may need to put in a claim.  All upgrades to a unit, beyond the standard unit by-law, should be insured, so your unit can be returned to its pre-emergency state.


If you have questions as to this information, please contact Dickenson Condo Management; We’d be happy to clarify.

Jennifer Dickenson
Jennifer Dickenson -Author of this piece