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All the Fixin's

Managed maintenance and repairs

We work to ensure every condo maintenance management plan runs like a well-oiled machine – always. That’s why our service package for maintenance and repairs is filled with all the necessities and none of the excuses.

First, we provide preventative support in the form of inspections and routine maintenance to keep the everyday inconveniences at bay. Then, if or when necessary, we expertly coordinate and supervise repairs to bring buildings back to tip-top condition.

Interested in how we do it exactly? Our condo maintenance management services include, but are not limited to:

• Periodic inspection of a property by a Manager, scheduled based on a property’s needs
• Competitive estimates on repairs and replacements submitted to the Board on all items above a threshold established by the Board
• Vendor management and connection creation – our prominent buying power ensures you’ll get unbeatable rates
• Arrangement of repairs, maintenance and replacements
• The payment of all invoices all taken care of by us

All vendors hired are independent of DCM with no markups on vendor invoices.

Making the Complex, Simple

With over 30 years of happy boards and owners, we're here to help your condo move forward.

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