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When you contact Dickenson Condo Management, you get to speak to a specialist specific to your condo.  There is one bookkeeper, one maintenance administrator and one property manager assigned to each condo.  We can be sure that your concerns are addressed by someone who has knowledge of your condo property management.  We bring university degrees, college diplomas and over 75 years of experience in condominiums to the table. Our property management team is made up of General Licensees and RCMs to make sure we serve our apartment, townhouse & vacant land condos with knowledge, confidence and strength. Our condo property management services are available in London, St. Thomas, Strathroy & surrounding areas.

Status Certificate Request

When selling, purchasing or refinancing a condo unit, you’ll need a Status Certificate. We’ll get you a legally accurate snapshot of the unit in question.

Making the Complex, Simple

With over 30 years of happy boards and owners, we're here to help your condo move forward.

Our Awards

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