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Reno Regulars

Managed maintenance and repairs

When it comes to condo property management renovations, we’re big proponents of curb appeal. Since we have running everything on the inside down to a science, we want to make sure exteriors get attention too. That’s why we handle all the outside revamps, from roofing to foundations, and turn back the wear-and-tear clock on older buildings.

Our exterior expertise and experience with condo property management renovations ensures these projects will get done on time and on budget. Here’s an example of the items what we handle for our clients in Southwestern Ontario:

  • Arranging to have skilled engineers oversee renovation projects
  • Coordinating connections with talented and in-demand designers
  • Navigating the estimate process and negotiating contracts
  • Sourcing and implementing rebates available in the market for large-scale renovations
Making the Complex, Simple

With over 30 years of happy boards and owners, we're here to help your condo move forward.

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