Who We Are


Dickenson Management has been specializing exclusively in the management of condominiums since 1992. It is our approach to treat Boards of Directors as partners in the management of their condominium complex so that all parties are kept fully informed and are involved in decision making. Regular communication between the Manager, the Board and the owners is central to our operating style, as is prompt response to requests and directions.

In order to keep abreast of issues and new developments affecting condominiums, our office subscribes to a number of property management periodicals and publication services, including The Condominium Manager, Condominium and Condominium Law and Administration. In addition, all members of our management and accounting team regularly attend courses and conferences related to their areas of responsibility. In keeping with our belief that Directors are our partners in the management of their property, we encourage all interested Directors to take the Canadian Condominium Institute’s Director’s course and ACMO and CCI seminars.


Donald Dickenson, B.A., LL.B., A.C.C.I., R.C.M.

Don is the co-owner of 1068808 Ontario Inc., which operates as Dickenson Management, and a property manager who looks after a portfolio of properties and is responsible for overseeing the management of all condominium complexes under contract to Dickenson Management. Don graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1978, Queen’s University Law School in 1982 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1984, after articling with a large real estate/commercial law firm in London. He subsequently resigned from the Law Society of Upper Canada in order to pursue a career in property management. His experience includes condominium design, construction and management as well as subdivision development and housing construction. Don has been managing condominiums since 1986 and is certified as a condominium manager by the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) and a Registered Condominium Manager by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO). Don is a former director of the London area Canadian Condominium Institute and speaks at seminars offered by CCI and ACMO in an effort to educate condo owners and other members of the condo industry.

Kim Dickenson, B.A., B.Ed.

Kim is the other co-owner of Dickenson Management and is responsible for supervising the record keeping and production of monthly financial statements and audit trails of all properties managed by Dickenson Management. Kim graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1978 and Althouse College in 1979. Her excellent organizational skills coupled with her familiarity with the computerized accounting program used by Dickenson Management ensure accurate record-keeping.

Maintenance and Service Trades

Our approach to repairs and maintenance is different from many management companies in that we do not treat them as a profit source for the management company. We do not have a maintenance division and do not “mark up” invoices for work that is arranged by Dickenson Management on behalf of our clients.

Maintenance and repairs are carried out by skilled, insured professionals who are proven experts in their fields. There is no conflict of interest because all trades and repairmen operate at arm’s length from Dickenson Management. The best person is used for each job based on the level of skill required and they are paid directly by the condominium corporation. This permits the Manager to impartially assess performance and cost when reviewing work carried out. It also permits Dickenson Management to continue to use trades with whom a Board is comfortable when we take over management of an existing complex.

The Board of Directors is consulted on the selection of trades, service people and contractors for their complex by Dickenson Management as part of our Partnership approach to management. We are aware that, just as Dickenson Management must answer to the Board of Directors for decisions made, so must the Board answer to the owners.

Collection Procedures

The prompt collection of common element fees is crucial to the operation of a condominium complex, but the method and approach applied to collection is equally important. Dickenson Management treats owners with the respect they are due as owners of the condominium corporation.

Each owner in default of fees is notified of the arrears in the first month. It is our experience that the prompt provision of accurate information on arrears to owners in default is generally sufficient to induce payment. In the event that these efforts are unsuccessful, a detailed explanation of the impending consequences of continued default will usually avoid the necessity of taking legal action. Liens are registered against units in the third month of arrears only after all alternative remedies are exhausted.

Dickenson Management is sensitive to the need to build a sense of community in each complex that it manages. Although fee collection must be carried out efficiently, it must be done in such a way that respect for the Board is maintained by owners and the sense of community is strengthened.

Property Management Service

Dickenson Management provides a full range of services aimed at establishing and maintaining excellent relations between owners, the Board of Directors and Dickenson Management while enhancing the capital appreciation of all units and maintaining the common elements.

1.         Repairs and Maintenance

a) Periodic inspection of property by a Manager. Schedule based on property’s needs;

b) Competitive estimates on repairs and replacements will be submitted to the Board on all items above a threshold established by the Board;

c) Manager will arrange and supervise all repairs, maintenance and replacement;

d) The payment of all invoices will be done by Dickenson Management.

2.         Purchasing

a) Manager will order all supplies as required;

b) Orders will be placed based on competitive pricing;

c) Manager will negotiate and supervise all necessary service contracts.

3.         Personnel and Payroll

a) All employees of the condominium corporation will be trained and supervised to ensure that they provide the services for which they were hired in a skilled, reliable and courteous manner.

b) Payments to employees, employment records and payroll deductions will be prepared, issued and filed.

4.         Accounting and Banking

All accounting, investing and banking transactions are to be carried out and recorded by Dickenson Management.  Monthly financial statements will be provided by Dickenson Management.


Annual Budgets will be prepared by Dickenson Management in co-operation with the Board of Directors. These will include both Operating and Reserve accounts. Budgets will be co-ordinated with the Reserve Fund Study.

Annual General Meeting

The Manager will organize and attend the Annual General Meeting, according to the Board’s directions. The Agenda, date and location to be determined by the Board of Directors. A recording secretary will be provided to take minutes at the corporation’s expense.


In keeping with our belief in the importance of communication between the Manager, the Board of Directors and all owners, we will prepare up to two newsletters per year to all owners, as requested by the Board. If hand delivery is required, the package will be delivered to a Board representative for distribution.

Management Fees

Our management fees are based on the size, type and complexity of the property, along with any special factors which may exist.